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A comedy series featuring The Kids in the Hall star Kevin McDonald.

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Papillon is an outrageous comedy about an ultra-discount airline, starring Kevin McDonald of the legendary series, The Kids In The Hall. No frills doesnt even begin to describe the Papillon experience: seat belts without buckles, leftover Halloween candy for snacks, and just one life vest per row! Papillon is all about the excruciating realities of modern air travel. Papillon features a motley crew led by a cowboy pilot, his co-pilot (Kevin McDonald) with a debilitating fear of flying, and two of the most distinctive flight attendants aviation has ever seen.

Papillon is a co-production with Duopoly Canada.

Papillon is in the official selection for the 2011 Independent Pilot Competition at the New York TV Festival.

Papillon was produced by Farmhouse Productions; Producer / Director Kent Sobey (Air Guitar in Oulu) and Duopoly Canada; Executive Producer Catherine Tait (Pure Pwnage)

Papillon was created by Paul Quarrington and Catherine Tait and written by Mark Steinberg, Kevin McDonald and Paula Blair.

Cast & Crew:

Kevin McDonald as Darius

Randal Edwards as Marcia

David Fraser as Cal

Hannah Cheesman as Eva

Type: Web Series

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 15 x 4 mins

16:9 | 1080p | Colour | Stereo

Catherine Tait
Duopoly Canada

Kent Sobey
Farmhouse Productions

Mary Powers

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